Road to Release

Gnomoria has been in alpha funding for almost 2 years. It’s been on Steam’s Early Access since it launched over a year ago. Throughout alpha and beta there have been a little over 60 patches. Every one of those patches have been influenced by community feedback and plenty features come straight from community suggestions. In the last 2 years Gnomoria has evolved and taken shape differently than I would have expected. It’s just as much your game as it is mine, which for me is simultaneously scary and exciting.

Early Access, “alpha funding” or whatever your name for it is has been around longer than Gnomoria but it’s still a new thing for everyone. You can just take a look at different Early Access games and see that they are in different stages of development, have different update schedules, different levels of interactivity with the community. We as gamers don’t all have the same expectations of Early Access yet because it hasn’t become standard. As developers we don’t always know what you are expecting and so we don’t know the best way to deliver it.

I sat down this week and started to write out a development plan for Gnomoria, so that we can start talking about it. The truth is that I have limited time and resources and we can’t ignore that Gnomoria will have to eventually be released. The last thing I want is to release Gnomoria and have anyone be surprised with the result or regret funding development. For those that are on the fence and haven’t funded (buying into Early Access), I want them to make an informed decision and choose not to if Gnomoria isn’t going to go the way they hope. I think it’s just much better for everyone if we are all on the same page and know what to expect.

This dev plan doesn’t list every detail. If you’re worried about bone needles or wheelbarrows or whatever and don’t see it on there, don’t fret. Balancing, tweaks, fixes, etc will continue to happen without
having to say it. The dev plan is just a dump of thoughts about where Gnomoria should be heading and not a complete list of every change needed to get there. Along those same lines, it’s a bit more informal than articulate or more of a direction than a promise. It will also update and evolve over time with Gnomoria as we fine tune and narrow the focus. It also includes what things might look like after release and the kind of updates you could expect to see post-release.

Without further ado, here is a link to the current development plan.

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