Gnomoria v0.9 is released

Today’s patch marks the start of Beta! There will be some development changes but it won’t be very different from what you’re used to. For starters, I’m changing the patch schedule from every week to every other week. This will go a long way towards letting me work on things that are too difficult toContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.8.56 is released

This week’s patch brings a handful of crash fixes. Check out the patch notes on the forums.

Gnomoria v0.8.55 is released

This week’s patch is another round of boring but important updates. Your gnomes’ tendencies to take “detours” or stumble around while going about their business should be greatly reduced. You can read a little more about the changes to pathfinding here.

Gnomoria v0.8.54 is released

This week’s patch includes a subtle addition that has been requested for a long time. Previously, jobs didn’t consider their neighbours at all. When a gnome prioritized which job he should work on next they were prioritized based on his profession. First going with jobs in order of the job type priority list, then workingContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.8.53.1 is released

This week’s patch is another round of bug fixes. A couple long standing bugs have been fixed, including beetles causing performance issues. On top of that, this patch reduces memory usage and helps a lot with some Kingdoms that have been around for 10, 20, 30 years.

Gnomoria v0.8.52.1

Prospecting! Today’s patch adds the Prospector Shop where your gnomes have a chance to turn soil and raw stone into metal slivers. Check out the patch notes here.

Gnomoria v0.8.51.1 is released

This week’s patch fixes up some issues with the new Clean Floor task as well as a long standing bug with Merchant behavior. Also, with this patch you can bind a short cut to Clean Floor and turn on pausing when merchants arrive. Check out the patch notes here.

PAX Prime Meetup!

Going to PAX Prime and want to meetup with me and other Gnomoria players? I’m organizing a meetup for Saturday the 31st from 1pm-3pm in the Handheld Lounge at PAX. Stop by and say hi 🙂

Gnomoria v0.8.50 is released

This week’s patch adds a couple more features to help with hauling and managing stocks. The first is a new tab in the Stockpile window to see what items are currently stocked there. The second is a new job — Clean Floor. This job will prioritize items on this tile to be stocked before otherContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.8.49 is released

The wheelbarrows that were introduced last week brought along a few bugs with them. This weeks patch mostly fixes up those issues with the wheelbarrows. Click here for the patch notes.