Gnomoria v0.9.17 released

0.9.17 adds in automatons! You can research them at a Tinker Bench and craft them at an Engineer Shop. They require a golem core to craft, which drop from golems. Automatons can perform jobs and join squads like gnomes. Check out the full patch notes here.

Gnomoria v0.9.15 is released

Wow! This last patch has been crazy and I’ve been plagued with bugs for some time. I’m really excited to finally get these changes out to everyone. This patch mostly revolves around making hauling and stockpiling more efficient to help combat golem spawns as well as general better management. Check out the patch notes onContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.9.13 is released

With todays update, Golems have been revamped. They no longer spawn in darkness underground and instead are now based off quantities of specific unstocked goods. Items will consolidate into a living golem and revert back to lifeless items on death. Read about the changes on the forums.

Gnomoria v0.9.12 is released

Today’s update makes some balance changes to the new mant behaviors. There are also a few requested quality of life improvements and as usual a couple bug fixes. Go here for the full patch notes.

Gnomoria v0.9.11 is released

This latest patch changes Mant behavior so that they now spawn based off of your food stocks as well as try to steal food. The Prospector and Smelter workshops now also have their “Craft To” options working as you’d expect (differently from other workshops). As usual, there is also a round of bug fixes. CheckContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.9.10 is released

Lots of bug fixes this time around as well as some new diplomatic options for dealing with goblins. Click here for the full patch notes.

Road to Release

Gnomoria has been in alpha funding for almost 2 years. It’s been on Steam’s Early Access since it launched over a year ago. Throughout alpha and beta there have been a little over 60 patches. Every one of those patches have been influenced by community feedback and plenty features come straight from community suggestions. InContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.9.9 is released

This update brings some quality of life improvements for builders. When building a wall (or stairs), gnomes will now automatically attempt to build the floor underneath it. This gets rid of the need to build the floor and wait for it to finish before creating the build wall job. Also, scaffolding has been introduced inContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.9.8

With today’s update, goblins are no longer mindless killing machines. Their main goal is to find and steal your valuables. They will of course pick a fight if your gnomes get in the way. However, it will be possible for goblins to arrive and steal something without any combat. In addition to that, goblins areContinue Reading

Gnomoria v0.9.7 is released

With the big Ambassador update last patch there were bound to be a few bugs. This patch fixes a handful of problems with ambassadors and merchants. I also decided to catch up on some UI updates that have been commonly requested. With today’s patch you’ll be able to start tracking item quantities on the HUDContinue Reading