Gnomoria v0.9 is released

Today’s patch marks the start of Beta!

There will be some development changes but it won’t be very different from what you’re used to. For starters, I’m changing the patch schedule from every week to every other week. This will go a long way towards letting me work on things that are too difficult to fit in a one week patch as well as spending some time getting it right before going live.

There will also be some balance patches where a lot of work will go into seemingly not a lot of changes. There will probably be less large sweeping game changing patches as there were in Alpha but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. The focus during Beta will be on rounding out the gameplay experience – filling in anything missing, expanding on existing content and polish. After Release, you can expect to see “addon” type gameplay systems like magic, etc.

Read the full patch notes on the forums here.

7 Responses to Gnomoria v0.9 is released

  1. K. Thompson says:

    Would love to see an adventure mode, but current map size and design would probably make that a pipedream.

  2. Tsvetik says:

    The screen becomes purple and Gnomoria crashes when moving window to the secondary monitor.

  3. C. Jones says:

    Congratulations on Beta! Love your work and direction on this game. Hope you enjoy making it as much as we enjoy playing it!

  4. Perceptor says:

    Very good news, Congratulations.

  5. Chickenbones says:

    I realize that a lot of people don’t mind the lack, but will there ever be sound effects? I know i saw it mentioned a year or so ago in a forum, and then never brought up again. Just wondering.

  6. Njordin says:

    do the gnomes get some sort of character-sheet, special behaviour, thoughts and opinions on different things. maybe some cats? ;D would love to see those things.

  7. 111Muz111 says:

    Grats on Beta! I would love to see more gems and metals – enough to bring it in line with DF 😉