Gnomoria v0.9.9 is released

This update brings some quality of life improvements for builders. When building a wall (or stairs), gnomes will now automatically attempt to build the floor underneath it. This gets rid of the need to build the floor and wait for it to finish before creating the build wall job. Also, scaffolding has been introduced in this patch to help get to tricky places. Scaffolding can be stacked and built directly on top of itself. When deconstructing scaffolding, it will deconstruct all scaffolding above it. With both of these additions, building large multi-story structures just became much easier.

Guard area, patrol route and training grounds now also have the option of assigning squads in shifts. You can now setup your military to rotate between training and guarding or give them a free shift to help sync their sleep schedules. Check out the full patch notes on the forums for a list of all fixes and updates.

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