Gnomoria v0.9.4 is released

Today’s patch adds some new starting weapons as well as some other changes. Check out the full patch notes on the forums.

3 Responses to Gnomoria v0.9.4 is released

  1. P3tr13 says:

    Hello I love this game i Bought it on steam 🙂
    I am very happy from this game 🙂

  2. Per says:

    We are missing few options which are important:
    * Select a specific gnome and give him order to move to a specific location or do a specific task. Will much improve the control of gnomes during routine tasks and battles.
    The direct order should be the highest priority. Should be easy to implement – Move to a specific location can be a button in the popup of the gnome.
    Do a specific Task – from task popup – select a specific gnome button.
    * Another thing is missing: ability to see health of all gnomes in one view.
    The ability to see who is crippled and who is injured without clicking them 1 by 1.. can be implemented in a screen similar to professions, should be under population Tab.

    I will not miss an opportunity to say Bravo RoboBob 🙂

  3. GT says:

    Bought Gnomoria on steam, and totally love it. Looking forward to next patch! Also, it would be awesome to expand the engineering/mechanism section of the game, to allow building of mechanical lifts so that its faster to travel between depth levels. Explosives is also something that could be added to the game. And of course: make the gnomes breed! 🙂 Good job, and looking forward to new updates.