Gnomoria v0.8.55 is released

This week’s patch is another round of boring but important updates. Your gnomes’ tendencies to take “detours” or stumble around while going about their business should be greatly reduced. You can read a little more about the changes to pathfinding here.

2 Responses to Gnomoria v0.8.55 is released

  1. Perceptor says:

    Yup, they move better.
    More predictable paths and less tense on the user eyes trying to follow them.

    Why am I stating the obvious? just to let you know how wrong you are thinking nobody is watching 😉

  2. AfroDieter says:

    Jepp even I am watching but have to admit I will start caring a lot more as soon as there is any possibility of interacting with other players in this game. :/