Gnomoria now on Steam Early Access!

The Gnomoria alpha is now available on Steam through their Early Access program. It’ll continue to work just like it has been with regular updates, except now you can have Gnomoria in your Steam library and use Steam for automatic updates.

I’m currently working on getting Steam keys out to everyone who has already purchased through BMT, Desura and IndieGameStand. So have no fear! it’ll be on its way soon.

You can find Gnomoria on Steam here.


Emails are being sent right now with Steam keys to BMT users. If you have Gnomoria on Desura, you can log into Desura and go here to get your key. For IndieGameStand users, you can log in and get your Steam key from the game wallet.

43 Responses to Gnomoria now on Steam Early Access!

  1. Lukas says:

    Thats so great 🙂 Thank you ^^

  2. Andre says:

    How will the keys be given?

    • Seathre says:


    • RoboB0b says:

      If you purchased through Indie Game Stand or Desura, you should be able to get your Steam key now. I’m working on sending out emails to everyone who purchased through BMT.

      • Masterforce says:

        hope that i recive a key then^^. Missed so much patches or was to lazy to download it myself^^

      • Bethor says:

        Just saw the news and went looking for the BMT key/steam thing and found it in my mailbox. Tanks for offering. Looking forward to playing an up-to-date version of Gnomoria again.
        Thanks for having the keys send over!

      • Seathre says:

        Got my Steam key off Desura! Yay!! 😀

  3. maciej says:

    so… waiting for a key… 🙂

  4. Gnomorian42 says:


  5. DaTRoll says:

    Gz RoboB0b,

    finally your beautiful game has made it to steam! Thanks for the free keys also!

    Keep up your good work.


  6. SMeLLyTuNa says:

    Great job, I’m glad it will get some good exposure through steam, it deserves it! Great call on the last patch BTW, the gnomes dropping their armor then running into a swarm of goblins half naked was irritating 😉

    As soon as there is a place on steam to rate/leave feedback I will be giving it a great recommendation, keep up the good work!

  7. ObamaNation says:

    I bought the game through BMT. I get huge amounts of junk email a day so the steam key email could have slipped my eyes. Have you sent out steam keys for BMT customers. If you haven’t will you post when we all should have received our keys.

    Thanks, Great game and keep up the good work.

  8. Backi says:

    I bought game from desure but i can’t find steam key anywhere… not i cd-keys page of desura and not on e-mail

  9. shash says:

    Does it mean that if I buy Gnomoria on Steam ( currently for 6euro) Im gaining access to play it right now during development stage and normal way without any limitations when the game is fully released? Am I right? Asking because the price is way lower than the one listed here (8$) and the one on Desura. I wanted to make sure before buying ;p

  10. Henrik says:

    Where do you find the steam key on Desura?

  11. HereticAlpha says:

    I’m just a bit confused as to how we’ll be given the keys. Will they show up on Desura, or mailed to us via a Steam Account, or some other way?

    Regardless, it’s great to see the game really flourishing in a big way! Now just to update the outdated background on this website.

  12. violentine says:

    Aaargh, can’t wait for my code 😀
    Bought through Desura and checking email, desura inbox
    and steam to to add some Gnomes to my library!

  13. MoneyFish says:

    I’m also interested in how to get my Steam key. I bought the game through Desura but I can’t find the key anywhere.

  14. Temeez says:

    I finally got the steam key from Desura! and click “Request key” link.

  15. pcrage says:

    Just checking has anyone who purchased copies via BMT received their steam key yet?

    • Voeter says:

      Haven’t gotten mine yet, but I bought my game the 15th of march, so if they send keys in order of purchases that means just a bit longer wait, right? 🙂

  16. whitecore says:

    does this mean i have to install something else or can i keep getting it the way i was before

  17. Mechanical says:

    Thank you! Just got my key from Desura.

  18. weeweeduckerman says:

    Thanks! your amazing! STEAM PEOPLE- Go to the community/ discussion area (not the out of steam forums) and say nice things! theres all sorts of people asking if they should give money or confused on there! 🙂 THANKS ROBOBOB!

  19. eddison says:

    need a key T_T

  20. Voorhees says:

    Still haven’t gotten a key v_v friend has his already tho so I can see they are being sent out!

  21. Malefus says:

    Thanks so much. I love getting my games updated automatically through Steam.

  22. Ben says:

    Didn’t even know this was happening till I got my key, thanks so much, retelling all my friends about how great you are for putting existing users onto steam for free. Also starting a new game to see how it’s coming along myself 😀

  23. brucemen112 says:

    1 word AMAZING

  24. shadowreaperjb says:

    i think i bought gnomoria through derusa however it seems to have lost the game from my account, I’m not sure when i bought the game but it was some point in September last year, what do i do?

  25. tyler says:

    oh, i bought this game last night from BMT. is it possible for me to get a steam key too?

    i was going to buy through steam but i thought it wiser to buy it directly.. would love to have it in my library

  26. tyler says:

    oh, i bought this game last night from BMT. is it possible for me to get a steam key too?

    i was going to buy through steam but i thought it wiser to buy it directly.. would love to have it in my library


  27. tyler says:


  28. darknessbound says:

    Still haven’t seen a key yet, bought this back on Christmas Day from BMT. Have all the BMT keys went out yet?

  29. Alex says:

    I bought the game through BMT and I didnt get a key either

  30. Louis D says:

    I also have not recived a Steam key for this fun/challenging game 🙁

  31. Dmitris says:

    Same here, hasn’t recieved my Steam key yet. Downloading from BMT is OK, but Steam is a lot more convenient.

  32. wjvander says:

    Also still awaiting my Steam key 🙁